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Jamey Pacheco is an American-born hard rock drummer, recording artist, touring musician, and a founding member of the band Babylon A.D.


At the young age of 14, Jamey loved music and only dreamed about the lifestyle of a Rockstar. With the love and support from his parents and close friends, this dream became a reality. After 40 years in the music business, Jamey continues on with a life of music and creativity!

It all started when a neighbor friend came over and left behind his Kiss and Aerosmith records. These two influential records blossomed into several others, such as Van Halen, Montrose, UFO, The Baby’s, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Scorpions, etc. Then the question of wanting to play the drums came up in conversation with his mom and dad. For 8th grade graduation, Jamey received his first drum set.

Throughout the summer of 1978, Jamey practiced his ass off and eventually got into his first band. He typically played at kegger parties until his junior year of high school. He excelled at the drums and knew this is what he would do for the rest of his life. Then talked his mom and dad into a new state of the art drum set, and for Christmas 1979, received a beautiful Jet Black Tama Imperialstar kit. Little did his parents realize that this set would lead Jamey into a career in the music business and record company showcases, leading to a recording contract.

The summer of 1980 is when Jamey decided he was ready for the big time. He answered an ad at a local music store bulletin board that read, “Band needs drummer!” He auditioned and was offered the position for his first professional band Candy out of Hayward, CA. The day Jamey turned 16 years old played his first gig performing with his bandmates, vocalist Derek Davis and bassist Robb Reid

After Candy faded away, Jamey was in many other local bands and performed at all the top bay area venues such as the Stone in San Francisco, the Keystone Palo Alto and Berkley, and at local stomping ground Niles Station in Fremont, CA. It would not be until 1986 when Jamey and Derek would cross paths again and, along with guitarist John Matthews put together their band, the Persuaders. With the addition of guitarist Ron Freschi and bassist Robb Reid, the band line-up was now complete.

In mid-1986, once the Persuaders had enough recorded material, Jamey and Derek flew to Los Angles and started shopping their demos all around Hollywood. They both scoured the Whisky, the Roxy, the Rainbow, the Troubadour, Madame Wong’s, and the Country Club, looking for connections, but last stop was at the world-famous Gazzarri’s on the Strip. They walked up to a guy who looked important, introduced themselves, and gave him the last promo pack they had. As he walked away and headed to the soundboard, he had the D.J. play the promo tape through the house P.A. That guy excitedly came back and wanted to know more about the Persuaders’ band. Come to find out, he was also in the music business, had a record deal years before, and sung with the Joe Perry Project. This guy later turned out to be their manager, Jay Malla.


Jay signed Persuaders to an exclusive management deal, and the band was well on their way. Once the Persuaders band development started rolling, along came many showcases, recording sessions, and gigs in Northern and Southern California all through 1986-87. Finally, in April of 1988, the band showcased for Clive Davis and signed the Persuaders band to Arista Records on the spot. The Persuaders’ band eventually changed their name to the hedonistic city of sin Babylon A.D.

B.A.D. was on the Arista Records roster for six years, recording two full-length albums. The first self-titled “Babylon A.D.” produced by Simon Hanhart (Killer Dwarfs, Waysted, Saxon) and their sophomore effort, “Nothing Sacred,” Produced by Tom Werman (Cheap Trick Ted Nugget, Motley Crue, Poison).

In between albums, they released a four-song Ep, titled “Live at the Roxy.” Along with the albums, several MTV videos and tours across the United States and Canada followed. By the end of 1993, the grunge era came along. It wiped out the hard-rock genre with the Seattle sound of bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden.

In 1993 Arista dropped Babylon A.D. Jamey knew he had to finish the college degree he had started before signing with Arista Records. In the spring of 1993, he re-enrolled into Ohlone College, Fremont, CA. After earning his Associate of Fine Arts Graphic Design with Honors in 1996, he transferred to San Jose State University. Jamey graduated with a BFA from the SJSU prestigious Graphic Design program in 1999.

In 1999 Babylon A.D. rekindled their music career and released the album “Live in your Face” and flowed up with the release of “American Blitzkrieg” on their label Apocalypse Records. More videos and tours came after. Later in 1999, BAD was asked to contribute to “Kick Start My Heart,” A Tribute to Motley Crue, for Vince Neil’s make a wish foundation, Pulse Records. 

In 2005 Derek and Jamey got into blues music, formed “American Blues Box,” and released their self-titled debut. ABB played all of San Francisco’s top blues clubs and festivals and was well received by the S.F. Bay Area blues scene.

In 2006 Babylon A.D. released the album titled “In the Beginning,” a compilation of the demo recordings that landed them their deal on Arista, on their label Apocalypse Records distributed by Perris Records.

In 2007 Babylon A.D. guitarist Ron Freschi put out a solo record titled SYRYM and had Jamey play on all the trax and perform in the video “Ugly on the Inside,” released by Hatrix Media Studios.

In 2014 Babylon A.D. released “Lost Sessions” and, as a result, opened the doors to Europe and several festivals, including Fire Fest in Nottingham, England.

In 2015 - 17, Babylon A.D. released the CD “Live @XXV” to celebrate 25 years of recording and touring. During this campaign, the band played many festivals and venues. “Monsters of Rock Cruise” in the Bahamas and Mexico, “Rock N Skull” in Chicago, Hair Metal Heaven in Hull City, England, and “Bang Your Head Fest” in Bellingen Germany, sharing the stage with Twisted Sister, Testament, Great White, Dead Daisies with John Corabi, and many others.
In 2017, “Babylon A.D.” released “Revelation Highway” on Frontiers Records, whose roster includes Journey, Tesla, LA Guns, Night Ranger, and many other known artists in the hard rock genre. The band went on to do several more concert dates and festivals across the States and in Europe. 

2019 Derek Davis released his third solo effort, “Resonator Blues.” Jamey played on “Mississippi Mud” (song and video) and “Unconditional Love.” Ronnie Wagner and Jamey met at an audition, then video shoot and became Davis’ rhythm section.

In late 2019 Jamey and his girlfriend Ronnie Wagner were invited to be a part of the tribute band Duran Duran Duran (D3). In 2020 the D3 band recorded six demos, performed in six videos, and had several shows booked in the S.F. Bay Area and Sacramento. But then pandemic hit and was put on hiatus like the rest of the world. Jamey and Ronnie recoated to Las Vegas and are now in the works bringing D3’s debut to the Las Vegas Strip and back to the S.F. Bay Area.

Along with all that’s been going on, a fantastic opportunity opened up for Jamey and Ronnie. The Las Vegas Tribute act Unauthorized OZZY featuring Peter Marino, ex-singer from the band Le Mans and Cacophony, needed subs and offered the rhythm section gig to the couple.

Living in Las Vegas has been exciting, and looking forward to making new connections and friends in the music business. I’m now open to different opportunities; please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Need a sub, recording artist, or a performer for your next video? Call me, and let's find out how I can help you today!

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